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Our network of valued clients covers fastest growing trade corridors and economic zones our client revenue derives from businesses and individuals with an international presence.

The value of our international network comes from our connections to the people who drive their business. We provide products and services enabling our customers to meet their diverse financial needs – from purchasing to financing and construction. Our relationships reflect the geographic reach of our network and the range of customers we support.

Marcela Associates are on both sides of a transaction, we can help them overcome obstacles and manage risk more effectively. We are uniquely positioned to be the bridge between customers, both large and small.

We develop our products and services to be consistent and to represent the highest standards across all our markets. This allows us to serve our clients efficiently and in a consistent manner.

We help clients trade and invest internationally in global trade and cash management; and foreign exchange.

We share knowledge and expertise across businesses to serve our customers more effectively. For example, we can provide products to large as well as to small businesses.

Developing long-term relationships with clients is key to delivering our strategy and growing our business.

Global Brand Innovation Specialist

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